Our Approach

Progressive. Software. Development;

We use technologies that make apps effective to develop, efficient to run and excellent to use. Innovative hosting with a lean & flexible architecture on the server. Fast, offline-enabled and privacy respecting user experiences on the client.

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Technologies we work with

This is a selection of tools and approaches we use to build software.

Development Tools

For more traditional services on the server side we use Node.js (Javascript/Typescript) and .NET (C#) as main platforms. For our work in progress AppSpark Cloud platform we are working to incorporate Webassembly, which in our opinion has a chance to change how we think about crafting application modules in making their implementation language agnostic.

User Interface

Our main target for the user interface is the browser with support for modern web-standards to create Progressive Web Applications . For Native Apps we're experimenting with Capacitor, which is based on web technologies. As UI frameworks we like to use Vue.js and Astro.

Development Lifecycle, CI, Hosting

Like for most developers, our development workflow is based aroud Git with CI integration over build servers like Gitlab or Github. Deployment artefacts are usually Containers (Docker) or for AppSpark Cloud also Webassembly modules, hosted in a K3s cluster or via Cloudflare services.


On the client side we use the supported storage technologies in the browser, in particular IndexedDB and SQLite. For server-side storage we use also SQLite with replication and a Blob-store, but also Postgres and Elasticsearch as dedicated storage services.

Public Blockchains

We have Bitcoin and Ethereum on our radar, which are the most mature distributed consensus networks. From simple payment to custom smart contract integration, this are at least interesting and potentially impactful technologies in the future.

Machine Learning / AI

Understanding the implications and potential of AI is a key for us. We are currently exploring various open models and APIs in this field and are looking forward to integrate them into our products and services where feasible.