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Creating web and cloud software with high technical and ethical standards. Aiming for the best approaches to create feature rich and fast web applications without compromising on privacy and usability.

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Allow us introduce ourselves. We are a software development company that specializes in web and cloud solutions built with a chosen set of technologies. We develop our own products and offer consulting and training services.

Application Development

Modern web and cloud technologies provide the fundamental concepts and building blocks for high quality user experiences within the browser or via hybrid apps. We use open web standards and frameworks to build solutions usable on all platforms and strife to work out architectures tailored to the use case.

One area we deeply care about are personal applications that handle private data. In this case the data should not be readable by anyone, including the app-creators and infrastructure provider. With local-first web apps utilizing offline-capabilities and encrypted data synchronization there is a way for a more humane web that is not built around monetizing user data.

Complementary to the local-first application class we are working on public content distribution solutions with the goal of broad and frictionless information delivery. Examples are content applications like news sites, blogs, landing pages with a server-optimized architecture that is reliable, has very low latency and operates cost efficient.

Technology Consulting

We offer software development trainings and consulting services in the areas of our interest and expertise. Ongoing evalution of new, promising technologies and concepts is part of our mission and we want to share our knowledge.

Good understanding of those frameworks, tools and platforms combined with a well reasoned architecture and code design helps to manage the software lifecycle as efficient and smooth as possible in the different development, testing and production environments.

Furthermore we explore public blockchains, with focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum. These open protocols create a new paradigm, the internet of value and trustless applications. Backed by cryptography, digital property can be held privately and easily transferred over the network without intermediaries, which could enable new and interesting use cases.

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Welcome to AppSpark!

Good applications for the web. Our mission is to create useful web tools and to educate for the benefit of developers and users.

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Application Categories regarding Infosec and Privacy
August 12, 2021 by Michael

We distinct in three basic application categories regarding information security and data sovereignity. One these categories is problematic but broadly in use today.
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