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Our Mission: Progressive.Software.Development;

Our Approach

Software Development at AppSpark

Progressive software development means for us to incorporate technological advances that make apps more effective to develop, efficient to run and beneficial to the user. In practice this means very dense but secure server hosting with a simple but flexible architecture and on the client side very fast and privacy enabled user experiences.

Local First

The data is processed on device close to the user and with enabled end-to-end encrypted synchronization private by default while being also securely stored on a remote server.

Lean Server

Complementary to the local-first approach we develop a lean server architecture on the backend, which enables scale-to-zero service hosting that operates very cost efficient and next-level security.

Excellent UX

Some benefits of lean server and local-first apps to highlight are offline availability and also excellent performance for a great user experience, while not having to compromise on connected features like data-synchronization and APIs when online.

Best Practices

Good understanding of the most important technologies and engineering concepts combined with a well reasoned architecture and code design helps to manage the software lifecycle as efficient and smooth as possible.

Fair Data

Data ownership and transparency is a very fundmental requirement that we respect. Users should not have to trust other parties on their data. Local processing, full portability, controllable endpoints and end-to-end encryption enables this.

Forward Thinking

Researching new approaches to create better software is important to us. Recognizing and using technologies and design aspects that significantly improve how applications are created, hosted and used in a more effective and delightful way means progress.

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Welcome to AppSpark!

Welcome to AppSpark!

Humane Software for the web. We want to create useful web tools that are fair in regards to the people that use them. We love the internet, but the current application-model is broken, because it is not honest.